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About Onyx Singapore

Onyx Singapore is a comprehensive licensed search and recruitment provider established and based in Singapore in 2018.

With over a decade of recruitment experience, our team provides contingent and retainer search for mid-to-senior level placement services across various functional disciplines in Accounting & Finance, Technology, and Corporate Functions.

Our business is built on the deep expertise and experience of professional recruiters in the industry and operating in a structured professional manner to render a smooth and pleasant end-to-end recruitment experience for candidates and clients.

Our Logo

The history of recruitment agencies started as early as 1650 as a registrar. It was only brought on as one of the primary means to counter unemployment by municipal agencies in the early 1900s; a period when industrial achievements like the Ford assembly line, powered airplanes and air-conditioners sprung into existence.Onyx, a valued gemstone with substantial legacy, is selected as our name for its characteristic minimalism, classic timelessness and its embodiment of encouraging self-improvement and accountability.

Our ‘O’ in Onyx is accentuated with Chinese calligraphy, representing of both the rich heritage behind the industry and a reminder of the Asian market that we started in.A fresh new typeface, penned in Mondena font, spells the rest of our name signifying clarity and progress.Collectively as a logo, Onyx Singapore conveys a picture of simplistic synergy; coupling the wealth of knowledge of our predecessors’ best practices together with today’s technological advantages.

Our Values

  • Accountability

  • Disciplined

  • Relationship driven

  • Self-Improvement

  • Synergistic Collaboration

  • Transparent and clear

  • Trustworthiness

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